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Status DORIS RINEX Processing at GSFC

nikita zelensky (SGT / GSFC, United States)


Frank Lemoine (NASA/GSFC, USA); David Rowlands (NASA / GSFC, USA); Douglas Chinn (SGT / GSFC, USA); Oleg Bordyugov (SGT / GSFC, USA)

Event: 2015 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Precision Orbit Determination

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Status DORIS RINEX Processing at GSFC

Nikita P. Zelensky b,a, , Frank G. Lemoine a, David Rowlands a , Douglas S. Chinn b,a, Oleg Bordyugov b,a

a) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory, Code 698, Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA
b) SGT Inc., 7701 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770, USA

DORIS satellite tracking data based on the DGXX receiver have established their accuracy and utility in the computation of precise orbits, achieving near 1-cm radial accuracy for recent missions such as Jason-2, SARAL and Cryosat-2, and is regarded as one of the three satellite tracking technologies for realization of the terrestrial reference frame. Currently the DORIS satellite tracking data is provided by the CNES in both the traditional Version 2.2 range rate data format (V2.2) and in the new RINEX phase data format. However for all new missions having DORIS, starting with Jason-3, only the DORIS RINEX phase data will be provided. In preparation for this transition we have implemented the use of DORIS RINEX phase data in the GSFC GEODYN data processing system by constructing range-rate measurements which are very similar to the V2.2 data. GEODYN can directly process phase data as well, but an initial evaluation of DORIS RINEX is greatly aided by comparison with available V2.2 range-rate data. The method and implementation of the DORIS RINEX data in GEODYN are discussed. Both DORIS RINEX and V2.2 range-rate Jason-2 tracking data are processed. Orbits are evaluated by direct comparison and through analysis of DORIS, SLR, and crossover residuals. We compare the impact of the Jason-2 DORIS contribution to the GSC solutions on the terrestrial reference frame for DORIS RINEX and V2.2 range-rate data.

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nikita zelensky
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