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POE-F reprocessing of Jason-1 CNES precise orbit solutions

Vincent Debout (CS, France)


Georgia Katsigianni (CLS, France); Alexandre Couhert (CNES, France); John Moyard (CNES, France)

Event: 2022 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Precision Orbit Determination

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The CNES POD team reprocessed and made available Jason-1 precise orbits in the last POE-F standards over the full decadal mission (January 2002 – June 2013). Jason-1 CNES orbit solutions are now consistent with those off the other past and present satellites of the altimeter constellation, all available in the POE-F standards. We present the processing evolutions on the early GPS+DORIS and then DORIS-only period after the loss of the GPS receivers. Also, we provide some details on how Jason-1 POE-F orbit solutions differ from the more recent missions. In particular, the lower quality of the POD instruments which requires to give a higher relative weight to dynamic modeling over the available measurements.

The orbital performance has been evaluated using independent laser range observations. We exhibit an improvement with respect to the previous POE-E standards on the GPS+DORIS period, as well as on the DORIS-only period, benefiting from a different constraining strategy for the empirical accelerations.


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Mezzanine Tue, Nov 01 2022,17:15 Tue, Nov 01 2022,18:15
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Vincent Debout