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GSFC Std2006: An updated set of altimeter satellite orbits for TOPEX, the Jason satellites and Sentinel-6A

Frank Lemoine (NASA GSFC, France)


Nikita Zelensky (University of Maryland, U.S.A.); Brian Beckley (KBR, U.S.A.); Xu Yang (KBR, U.S.A.); Douglas Chinn (KBR, U.S.A.)

Event: 2022 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Precision Orbit Determination

Presentation type: Type Oral

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In support of the OSTST, we have developed a new set of satellite orbits for the reference mission satellites that determine the global change in Mean Sea Level: TOPEX/Poseidon, Jasons 1-3, and Sentinel-6A. The goal was to improve these orbits w.r.t. the previous set of orbits delivered as part of the NASA MEASURES project. The new improved POD standards include an update of the static and time variable gravity model, better modelling of the satellite attitude, improved modeling of the nonconservative forces, use of DORIS data to 7-deg elevation along with an elevation-deweighting model. Other updates include the application of the new model of the linear mean pole used for the development of ITRF2020. We evaluate the improvement over the previous sets of orbits, dpod2014. For Sentinel-6A and Jason-3 we provide an assessment of their orbit quality through POD metrics including analysis of tracking and altimeter crossover data residuals and direct orbit comparisons. We also evaluate the orbits by analysis of the derived sea surface height.

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Sala Pasinetti Tue, Nov 01 2022,09:15 Tue, Nov 01 2022,09:30
Frank Lemoine