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CryoSat after 12 years in space: status and future challenges

Jerome Bouffard (ESA | European Space Agency, France)


Tommaso Parrinello (ESA | European Space Agency, Italy); Alessando Di Bella (SERCO c/o ESA, italy)

Event: 2022 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science IV: Altimetry for Cryosphere and Hydrology

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CryoSat-2 was launched twelve years ago and was the first European mission dedicated to the cryosphere, with the objectives to monitor precise changes in the thickness of polar ice sheets and floating sea ice. For that, the satellite carries the first Synthetic Aperture Interferometric Altimeter (SIRAL) which still remains one of the most innovative altimeters in space although newer versions are boarded on different satellite missions.
Going beyond its ice monitoring objectives, CryoSat-2 has also demonstrated to provide a valuable source of observations over multiple surfaces. Numerous CryoSat-based studies have been carried in order to optimize processing algorithms for hydrology, geodesy and ocean applications. A major step forward has consisted to transpose these innovations into an operational framework by generating new thematic products so-called “Cryo-TEMPO”.
The mission has been recently extended until the end of 2025 with the scope to achieve new important goals, to extend the synergy with ICESat-2 and its unequalled data set and to secure a unique long-term climate record as long as possible. This will be possible thanks to well established international with many important worldwide institutions and agencies.
Scope of this paper is to describe the current mission status, show its main achievements and provide programmatic highlights for the extended period 2023-2025. In particular we will provide an overview of recent product evolutions and new science results which also pave the way for the development of the CRISTAL Sentinel Expansion mission.


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Jerome Bouffard
ESA | European Space Agency