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Considering SARAL/AltiKa to improve Ka-band altimeter measurements for coastal zones, hydrology and ice: the PEACHI prototype

Guillaume VALLADEAU (CLS, France)

Event: 2014 SARAL/AltiKa workshop

Session: Instrument processing

Presentation type: Type Oral

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Next to the successful launch of SARAL/AltiKa in 2013, the reliability of AltiKa measurements has been demonstrated and the innovative Ka-band altimeter is now routinely processed for scientific applications. As the main contribution to the study of the Ka-band instrumental and geophysical corrections, the PEACHI (Prototype for Expertise on AltiKa for Coastal Hydrology and Ice) project is a CNES initiative to provide end-users reliable Ka altimeter measurements in the open ocean and over coastal areas but also in continental and sea ice regions.

Thanks to the improvements on the main corrections for deep ocean applications, Ka-band performances are excellent and future investigations are expected to enhance our knowledge in altimetry over coastal areas, surface hydrology and ice regions. In the frame of the PEACHI project, this study deals with the accuracy of the parameters derived from new or improved algorithms, focusing on coastal zones. As a result, the AltiKa geometrical waveform classification and its application to coastal retracking are displayed.

Finally, the whole algorithms processed within the prototype are further studied to provide end-users the most up-to-date corrections on the ground processing for Ka-band scientific applications. Thus, through the PEACHI project can be accurately observed several surface types, aiming at a precise monitoring of the global environment.

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Ballroom Mon, Oct 27 2014,11:30 Mon, Oct 27 2014,11:45