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The Use of OGDR SARAL/AltiKa Wind and Wave Data at ECMWF

Saleh Abdalla (ECMWF, United Kingdom)

Event: 2014 SARAL/AltiKa workshop

Session: Oceanography

Presentation type: Type Poster

Contribution: not provided


SARAL/AltiKa Operational Geophysical Data Record (OGDR) wind and wave products (in particular, Significant wave height, SWH, and surface wind speed, WS) available in near real time (NRT) is an important addition to the available altimeter data for operational weather centres. ECMWF was involved in the calibration/validation (cal/val) activities of SARAL OGDR wave products since the beginning. Contrary to expectations, SARAL Ka-band wind speed product with proper retrieval algorithm (Lillibridge et al., 2014) has proved to be of a quality comparable to that of traditional Ku-band equivalent products when compared against in-situ and ECMWF model 10-m wind speed. At the same time, SWH product shows high quality compared to in-situ and ECWAM wave model SWH. The results will be summarised.
Several assimilation experiments were carried out to assimilate SARAL SWH in ECWAM. The results of these experiments, which will be summarised, show good impact onboth analysis and forecasts. Consequently, assimilation of SARAL SWH will be part of the coming changes to the operational model of ECMWF.
Saleh Abdalla
United Kingdom