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Mesoscale capability of along-track altimeter data in LRM & SARM

Claire Dufau (CLS, France)


Marion Orsztynowicz (LEGOS, France); Gérald Dibarboure (CLS, France); Rosemary Morrow (LEGOS, France); Pierre-Yves Le Traon (MERCATOR, France)

Event: 2014 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science Results from Satellite Altimetry: Finer scale ocean processes (mesoscale and coastal)

Presentation type: Type Oral

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Altimeter wavenumber spectra computed from along-track Sea Level Anomales (SLA) exhibit linear slope between large and small scales linked to the geostrophic turbulence and its energy cascades in the mesoscale band ( Le Traon et al. (2008) ). At small scales, altimeter measurements are affected by instrumental noise preventing the observation of small scales processes.
This paper determines the length scales of ocean dynamics following SQG theory reachable with along-track LRM and SARM 1hz altimeter data. It relies on a joint analysis of (1) the spectral slope in the mesoscale band and (2) the noise level observed for scales lower than 20km. Maps of mesoscale capability of the on-flight LRM altimeter missions (Jason-2, SARAL/Altika, Cryosat-2) are discussed both at global and regional scales. In some oceanic areas, where available, the Cryosat-2 SARM data are also analyzed and compared to the LRM measurements.

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Red salon Wed, Oct 29 2014,14:00 Wed, Oct 29 2014,14:15
Claire Dufau