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Spectral analysis of altimetric signal and errors Towards a spectral error budget of Nadir Altimetric missions

Annabelle Ollivier (CLS, France)


Nathalie Steunnou (CNES, France); Gérald Dibarboure (CLS, France)

Event: 2014 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Quantifying Errors and Uncertainties in Altimetry data

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Sea Surface Height estimation derived from Nadir Altimetric missions results from the sum of a tenth of corrections, geophysical, instrumental, atmospheric... They are affected by an error which can be characterized by different methods, mostly based on the differences between independent solutions of a same correction (envelopes of statistic monitoring, geographical analysis at crossovers, multimission comparisons...). Furthermore, each correction and associated errors also have their own temporal and geographical behavior and sign at different spatial scales.
More and more, the integrated error budget are now declined as a function of the considered wavelength and highlight that the error is not homogeneous, depending on the temporal/spatial scales.
This study addresses the spectral content of the errors derived from nadir altimetry, to give a "wavelength dependant" coloration to the usual error budget of altimetric signals. It focuses on the hypothesis it implies and notably underlines the sensitivity of such analysis to the geographical zones and temporal period and missions.

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Annabelle Ollivier