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CFOSAT data over sea ice areas

Fanny Girard-Ardhuin (Ifremer/LOPS, France)


Jean-François Piolle (Ifremer/LOPS, France); Perrine Abjean (Ifremer/LOPS, France)

Event: 2022 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: CFOSAT

Presentation type: Type Forum only

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Microwave sensors onboard polar orbit satellites are commonly used for sea ice monitoring at high latitude. Since 1992, numerous scatterometers data at C and Ku-bands are available, allowing to build time series of data for sea ice monitoring for both Arctic and Antarctic areas.
Backscatter data enable to discriminate sea ice from open ocean areas, also they can also be used for sea ice type detection (first year from multi-year sea ice in the Arctic), moreover, sea ice displacement maps can be built.
These applications were successfully realized using QuikSCAT data at Ku-band and we use CFOSAT CSCAT scatterometer data for this purpose. We will show results over the poles using 2020-2021 et 2021-2022 winters data. Application on sea ice edge/ocean free of ice detection will be shown and examples of multiyear ice detection and sea ice displacement if possible. Comparison with ASCATs scatterometer data at C-band, available at the same period, will be presented, keeping in mind that C and Ku-band data over the pole have different behavior.
First results of the use of CFOSAT SWIM data over the poles will be presented.

Sea ice long-term qualified data are routinely processed at Ifremer/CERSAT and available for the scientific community since 1992 :
• backscatter maps from C and Ku-band scatterometer
• displacement maps with the joint use of radiometer data
• ice edge
• first year/multiyear detection
providing an exceptional basis for analysis and synthesis of long-term variations of the sea ice in the polar areas.
They are available through the CERSAT/Ifremer (http://cersat.ifremer.fr) but also they are part of the CMEMS project reanalysis datasets (called « multiyear products ») and the H2020 European project INTAROS system of systems of Arctic data.
These new CFOSAT data are to be added to these data collections.
Fanny Girard-Ardhuin