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Validation of CFOSAT data in the German Bight and Baltic Sea

Luciana Fenoglio (University of Bonn, Germany)


Christopher Buchhaupt (University of Bonn, Germany); Jürgen Kusche (University of Bonn, Germany)

Event: 2019 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: CFOSAT

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Satellite altimetry provide measurement of sea state in terms of significant wave height and wind speed
but does not provide the directions of the two fields. The CFOSAT satellite mission will instead provide with its two radar instruments, the azimuthally scanning radar SWIM and the wind scatterometer SCAT, respectively directional spectra of ocean wave and wind vectors at the same time and at a global scale. CFOSAT will bring major information for monitoring the wind and wave fields and for modelling.

The institute AMPG/Uni Bonn has developed new algorithms for the processing and retracking of altimeter waveforms or both Low-Resolution Mode (LRM) and Delay Doppler Altimetry (DDA). The two sub-waveform retrackers TALES and STAR are parameter retrackers and provide the three basic parameters range, significant wave height and wind speed. Validation of SAR altimetry against those data have been performed in previous activities. The CFOSAT data will be used in synergy.

First investigations will focus on the validation of the CFOSAT geophysical products. CFOSAT data will be validated against contemporaneous altimeter data in SAR and LRM mode, in-situ and models. Region selected is the German coast of North Sea and Baltic Sea


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Luciana Fenoglio
University of Bonn