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Forcings of the west African costal upwelling by ocean and atmosphere intraseasonal waves

alban lazar (LOCEAN-IPSL-UPMC, France)


Badara Sane (LPAOSF-ESP, UCAD, Senegal); Malick Wade (UGB, Senegal)

Event: 2019 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science II: Large Scale Ocean Circulation Variability and Change

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Competition between local and remote forcing of the variability has been a long-standing issue, especially when one search for sources of predictability. In several eastern boundary upwelling systems, it has been shown that coastally trapped waves are a key forcing, with decreasing intensity for increasing distance to the equator.
In this study we tackle the remote versus local forcing of SSH at the intraseasonal scale in the Senegalese part of the Canary coastal upwelling, using satellite and model data, and a new costal ocean-atmosphere buoy dataset.
Despite errors at the coast of the Altimetry derived signal, we evidence the frequent and clear occurence or costal wind anomalies synchronous with the arrival of costal oceanic waves. We present an investigation of the possible mechanisms to explain this phenomenon, and in particular the role of atmosphere African easterly waves and their successive interactions with the west African coasts and the equatorial oceanic band.

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alban lazar