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Analysis of surface wind speed from Jaosn-3 and Sentinel-3A in the Peru-Chile EBUS

Orlando Astudillo (CEAZA, France)


Boris Dewitte (LEGOS, France); Abderrahim Bentamy (LOPS, France); Frédéric Frappart (LEGOS, France)

Event: 2019 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Instrument Processing: Propagation, Wind Speed and Sea State Bias

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The near-shore surface mesoscale atmospheric circulation in the upwelling systems off Peru and Chile is influential on the Sea Surface Temperature through Ekman transport and pumping. There has been a debate whether or not the so-called “wind drop-off”, that is a shoreward decrease of the surfacewind speed near the coast, can act as an effective forcing of upwelling through Ekman pumping. Although the wind drop-off has been simulated by high-resolution atmospheric models, it has not been well documented due to uncertainties in the scatterometry-derived wind estimates associated with land contamination. A preivous study used along-track altimetry-derived surface wind speed data from ENVISAT, Jason-1, Jason-2, and SARAL satellites, to document the spatial variability of the mean wind drop-off near the coast as estimated from the inversion of the radar backscattering coefficient. In this study, we analyzed the performances of the recently launched Jason-3 and Sentinel-3A altimetry missions to analyze the surface wind speed in the Peru-Chile Equatorial boundary upwelling system.

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Orlando Astudillo