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Ssalto/DUACS 2014 upgrades: 4 satellites in the Real time system and a new processing

Yannice Faugere (CLS, France)


Isabelle Pujol (CLS, France); Claire Dufau (CLS, France); Frederic Briol (CLS, France); Antoine Delepoulle (CLS, France); Nicolas Picot (CNES, France); Emilie Bronner (CNES, France)

Event: 2014 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Near Real Time Products and Applications and Multi-Mission, Multi-Sensor Observations

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DUACS-NRT provides GODAE, climate forecasting centers, the MyOcean EU FP7 project, and real time oceanographic research (e.g.: in-situ campaigns) with directly usable, high quality near real time altimeter data. Regional products (Mediterranean Sea, Mozambic, Arctic, European Shelves...) are also delivered to operational projects.

After the successful integration of Altika in the DUACS system in July 2013, a new source of satellite data, HY2A is now used in the system. Thanks to an adequate Level-2 processing at CNES, these data are valuable and interestingly complete the altimetry constellation. Now merging data from 4 satellites, the DUACS Real time system is now still more robust.

In parallel of the constellation management, on April 2014, a new version of Duacs/Aviso products was released with several upgrades that have impacted the scientific content and format. These changes, improving the quality and accessibility of the products, have sensitive impacts on the users. Besides, a full reprocessing of the whole altimetry time series has been performed allowing us to make available a set of 21 years of homogeneous along-track and map products.
Yannice Faugere