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PO.DAAC in the Cloud: Data Services and Access

Jessica Hausman (JPL, United States)


Michael Gangl (JPL, USA); Michelle Gierach (JPL, USA); Catalina Oaida (Raytheon, USA); Suresh Vannan (JPL, USA)

Event: 2019 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Outreach, Education and Altimetric Data Services

Presentation type: Type Poster

Contribution: not provided


PO.DAAC is facing new challenges as upcoming satellite missions will be produce very high volumes of data. SWOT will produce 20 TB of data a day, and bring a new user community to PO.DAAC, hydrologists. To provide data and services, within a time latency users are accustomed to, SWOT, and additional missions, will be served from the cloud. Many services that PO.DAAC provides will be transferred onto the cloud, so the functionalities that are needed will still be available, such as search and discover, subsetting and data download. Additional services will also be available, such as a data subscription notice, data transformations, GIS capabilities, OpenAPIs and Jupyter Notebooks. This way if users want to move to the cloud, so they can do their analysis next to the data, instead of downloading they can do their analysis, possibly quicker, than their current system performs. Users will still be able to download data, but use PO.DAAC services, to greatly reduce the data volume and time of download.

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The Gallery Tue, Oct 22 2019,16:15 Tue, Oct 22 2019,18:00
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Jessica Hausman
United States