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Updated absolute altimeter bias results from Bass Strait, Australia

Christopher Watson (University of Tasmania, Australia)


Benoit Legresy (CSIRO, Australia); Jack Beardsley (Integrated Marine Observing System, Australia); Arthur Zhou (University of Tasmania, Australia); Matt King (University of Tasmania, Australia)

Event: 2019 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Regional and Global CAL/VAL for Assembling a Climate Data Record

Presentation type: Type Oral

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Here we present updated absolute altimeter bias results from the Bass Strait altimeter validation facility (40° 39’S, 145° 36’ E). This work continues the validation effort from Bass Strait that commenced following the launch of TOPEX/Poseidon in 1992. The site has since evolved to include comparison points that service the Jason-series missions, as well as Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B. The facility uses an integrated geometric approach to validation that couples a suite of moored oceanographic sensors, episodically deployed GNSS equipped buoys, a coastal tide gauge and continuously operating GNSS reference stations.

Recent developments at the Bass Strait site have focused on further understanding two techniques of particular interest for the validation of future swath-based altimeter missions. The first involves the use of 5-beam ADCP instruments for the determination of shallow water SSH, current and wave field information. The second involves development of an improved GNSS equipped buoy that is suitable for sustained autonomous deployment. We review progress on these developments and present updated absolute bias results from the Bass Strait comparison points.

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Christopher Watson
University of Tasmania