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Wave Model Confidence Index: A metocean decision support tool.

Chafih Skandrani (NOVELTIS, France)


Eric Munesa (NOVELTIS, France); Léo Grignon (NOVELTIS, France)

Event: 2019 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Application development for Operations

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WMCI is world first service designed and developed by NOVELTIS in the frame of the European NEPTUNE Innovation Support Program. WMCI provides a unique solution that addresses the following major need regularly expressed by maritime stakeholders:
« I need to know the accuracy of sea states forecasts in order to take a decision but do not have any easy/global solution ».
WMCI offers an online and integrated access to a very large reliable set of multi-source sea states information (buoys networks, satellite data…), along with easy to use comparison functionalities with the most relevant wave forecasting data (from Copernicus, NOAA…).
The information and functionalities provided by WMCI allows to prevent maritime risks and to save fuel and money for many maritime users. The service can be used to double check if there is a real need for operation cancellation/deviation and can avoid any operation cancellation/deviation due to false alerts, saving money, fuel, and tons of CO2 at the same time. WMCI solution faces the spread of near real-time observations concerning wave heights which is often one of the major parameters used by all the sea users. Users usually rely on models and forecasts, but by definition, models contain errors and users need to check the accuracy and the reliability of the models for making the right decisions.
As there are very few wave heights measurements (in situ data along the coasts only, missing of data in the ocean basins), and due to the heterogeneity (formats/sources) of wave heights and sea states measurement information, no solution gathering all open source available information in near real time (NRT) is available. All the data already exist but they are disseminated in many servers across different institutions, since these data come from models, satellites or buoys, each of them being managed by separated entities. WCMI tackles this challenge, providing access to all the available NRT information concerning wave heights and sea states as well as multi models forecasts.
The project involved two major representative end-users, CMA-CGM and COMPAGNIE MARITIME CHAMBON, who helped in the design and the validation of the WMCI service proposed by NOVELTIS.


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Chafih Skandrani