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In Situ Measurements for Satellite Altimeter Calibration and Validation using LiDAR Systems

Adam Dodge (University of Colorado Boulder, United States)


Robert Leben (University of Colorado Boulder, United States); Michael Shannon (University of Colorado Boulder, United States); Bruce Haines (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, United States)

Event: 2019 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Regional and Global CAL/VAL for Assembling a Climate Data Record

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We explore the accuracy of data collected from University of Colorado Boulder (UCB) LiDAR systems installed at the offshore Harvest Oil Platform and at a pier in Fisherman's Cove on Catalina island. We also show the LiDAR systems’ capability for use in the calibration/validation (CAL/VAL) of the Jason-3 altimetry measurements alongside other tide gauge measurements.
The NOAA Bubbler installed on the Harvest Oil Platform has historically been used for CAL/VAL of altimetry satellites, and NOAA has recently installed a radar system at Harvest as well. The Harvest LiDAR system has been used alongside these NOAA systems for in situ validation of Jason-3 overhead passes. An attempt to characterize and minimize the errors in all three tide gauges has been performed, validating the historic correction for the bubbler and allowing for new corrections for both the LiDAR and radar systems. These corrections and their respective tide gauge data enable more accurate CAL/VAL of Jason-3 altimetry using multiple competing in situ sea level measurements at Harvest.
The Catalina LiDAR sensor was installed on Catalina island, across the San Pedro channel from an acoustic tide gauge measurement system installed in the Los Angeles Harbor. The Catalina LiDAR measurements are compared and combined with the historic acoustic system measurements for validation of Jason-3 passes through the San Pedro channel. Issues with the Catalina LiDAR system have been identified, and in the upcoming months we look forward to improved measurement accuracy and further CAL/VAL of Jason-3 altimeter passes over the San Pedro channel.

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Adam Dodge
University of Colorado Boulder
United States