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Overview of New "Jason-Series Missions Applications Program"

Annette deCharon (ODYSEA LLC, United States)


Leslie Smith (Your Ocean Consulting LLC, US); Margaret Srinivasan (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US)

Event: 2018 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Outreach, Education and Altimetric Data Services

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More than 25 years of discovery by altimetry missions – led by NASA, CNES, and other partners – has profoundly affected science and its applications. To expand the impact of altimetry data, a new "Jason-Series Missions Applications" effort has begun to develop and test strategic ways to identify and engage existing ocean altimetry data users and to effectively transition individuals and groups who are "potential users" (i.e., Community of Potential) to being "practitioners" (i.e., Community of Practice).

The "Jason-Series Missions Applications Plan" is a document intended to outline existing and potential future activities, partners, and audiences. It promotes implementation of actions focused on engaging, encouraging, and developing targeted users of altimetry data. This includes those who have a clear and well-defined need or use for mission data products (and are using the data), as well as groups that may be unfamiliar with altimetry data and its capabilities, but can benefit from mission information and data products in their own processes.

A key element of this endeavor is an extensive review of the literature database hosted by the "Ocean Surface Topography from Space" website (https://sealevel.jpl.nasa.gov/science/litdb/), with entries from 1990 through present. Over 5,000 publications have been reviewed and placed in a thematic framework that aligns with societally relevant issues. Bibliographies, summaries of select publications, infographics, and other online resources are being developed for each theme. This information will be used to create resources that inform broader audiences and help recruit partners who would support capacity-building opportunities for new altimetry data users.

Future activities include formulation of a road map for development of future products (e.g., “Use Cases”) and training events that are aligned with the thematic framework. Ultimately, the goal is to expand the altimetry applications user base by conducting training events (i.e., workshops, webinars) designed to effectively reach potential data users and their associated decision makers.

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Annette deCharon
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