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Unstructured Ocean Loading Atlas

Damien Allain (OMP/LEGOS, France)


Pascal Gégout (GET - CNRS, France); Jean-Paul Boy (EOST-IPGS, France); Florent Lyard (LEGOS - CNRS, France)

Event: 2018 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Tides, internal tides and high-frequency processes

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The ocean loading atlas of the solid Earth deformation by the ocean tides from FES2014 has been produced. The FES2014 unstructured grid has been extended onto the continents. The mesh generation and assembly functions of the Sirocco Tools library have been used. The density calculation algorithm has been adapted to produce uniform meshes on large continents. The deformation has been computed for each point of application by summing the contribution of the complex masses of all the elements, which would makes a total of 1.5e12 contributions to calculate. The calculation of the contribution has been strongly optimized and paralleled to make the calculation in 200 s on a 12-core PC. The atlases have been compared with an ocean loading atlas computed from a structured grid. The results show very good agreement, but on the coasts where differences due to interpolation errors (in the output and the input) can reach 5 mm.

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Foyer, Salao Nobre & tent Thu, Sep 27 2018,18:00 Thu, Sep 27 2018,20:00
Foyer, Salao Nobre & tent Fri, Sep 28 2018,14:00 Fri, Sep 28 2018,15:00
Damien Allain