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The Brazil Current Variability from XBT data and satellite altimetry

Marlos Goes (UM/CIMAS and NOAA/AOML, United States)

Event: 2017 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science II: Large Scale Ocean Circulation Variability and Change

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The variability of the Brazil Current is examined using data from two XBT transects and altimetry at 22S and 34S. To estimate the transport of the current, two methods are used, one purely from sea surface height and another synthetic using a regression of sea surface height to the estimated dynamic height and density from hydrography. Altimetry is also used to extrapolate the velocities to the continental shelf. The BC transport is in agreement with previous studies (~5Sv at 22S and 12 Sv at 34S). The altimetry based methods can represent well the BC transport seasonal cycle, whereas the XBT only still lacks the time representativeness due to strong mesoscale variability of the current.The interannual variability of the BC is estimated and associated to large scale Sverdrup dynamics and the variability of the recirculation gyre. One event of 2009-2010 is studied, and the BC dynamics is associated with the strong SST and thermosteric anomalies in the region.
The Brazil Current Variability from XBT data and satellite altimetry

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Concerto Ballroom Thu, Oct 26 2017,14:00 Thu, Oct 26 2017,18:00
Marlos Goes
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