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Sentinel-3A Marine Center data calibration and validation in a multi-mission setting

Cristina Martin-Puig (EUMETSAT, Germany)


Remko Scharroo (EUMETSAT, Germany); Carolina Nogueira-Loddo (EUMETSAT, Germany); Bruno Lucas (HE Space Operations, Germany); Salvatore Dinardo (HE Space Operations, Germany)

Event: 2017 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Regional and Global CAL/VAL for Assembling a Climate Data Record

Presentation type: Type Oral

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Sentinel-3A has been successfully contributing to the continuity of the sea level climate data record for a year and a half. During the lifetime of the mission its processing baseline has considerably evolved, thereby stepwise improving data quality. This presentation is intended to provide an up-to-date Sentinel-3A data quality assessment for the latest reprocessed data in a multi-mission setting, and thus also allows to revisit the status of the Jason-3 and Jason-2 GDRs, compared to Sentinel-3A. In addition, the latest upgrades in the processing baseline and future evolutions will be introduced.

This presentation aims at: providing multi-mission time series of the main climate records (sea level, significant wave height, wind speed, and wet tropospheric path delay); detailing major improvements in processing, corrections and calibrations for the benefit of the data quality; quantifying data quality by mono- and multi-missions cross-overs; as well as providing more than a year worth of global assessment of SAR mode versus Pseudo-LRM measurements. On top of the previous, the next improvements in the processing baseline will be introduced and discussed.

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Symphony Ballroom IV Wed, Oct 25 2017,11:30 Wed, Oct 25 2017,11:45
Cristina Martin-Puig