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On the ‘cal mode’ correction to TOPEX altimetry and its effect on the global mean sea-level time series

Brian Beckley (SGT Inc./NASA GSFC, United States)


David Hancock (NASA/WFF, USA); Gary Mitchum (University of South Florida, USA); Richard Ray (NASA/GSFC, USA)

Event: 2016 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science I: Current and past mean sea level observations

Presentation type: Type Oral

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Recent analyses by Watson et al. 2015, called attention to a possible spurious (and apparently piece-wise linear) drift during the first six years of the T/P mission based on comparisons to a global network of tide gauges. In this presentation we show evidence that the drift is an artificial one introduced into the system as an independent correction based on an internal instrument calibration. We report on the efficacy of the TOPEX cal1-mode range bias correction based on our tide gauge comparisons and its subsequent impact on the signature of the global mean sea level rate.

Poster show times:

Room Start Date End Date
Grande Halle Thu, Nov 03 2016,11:00 Thu, Nov 03 2016,18:00
Brian Beckley
United States