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Aviso products & services: what's new?

Vinca Rosmorduc (CLS, France)


Emilie Bronner (CNES, France); Caroline Maheu (Akka, France); Francoise Mertz (CLS, France)

Event: 2014 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Outreach, Education and Altimetric Data Services

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Since the launch of Topex/Poseidon, more than 20 years ago, satellite altimetry has evolved in parallel with the user community and oceanography. As a result of this evolution, we now have:
- A bigger choice of products, more and more easy-to-use, spanning complete GDRs to pre-computed sea level anomalies and gridded datasets and indicators such as MSL index or ENSO index.
- a mature approach, combining altimetric data from various satellites and merging data acquired using different observation techniques, including altimetry, to give us a global view of the ocean;
- data available in real or near-real time for operational use.

Different services are available either to choose between the various datasets, or to download, extract or even visualize the data.

2013 - 2014 saw major changes:
- a complete reprocessing of the multimission (Duacs) data with a serious re-thinking of the whole set of gridded data,
- a new extraction service, a new web portal,
- restyling Aviso web and adding CTOH information and data...
and even more.
Vinca Rosmorduc