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Validation of ESA Sea Level CCI in the coastal zone

Kristine S. Madsen (DMI, Denmark)


Jacob L. Høyer (DMI, Denmark); Jun She (DMI, Denmark)

Event: 2016 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science II: From large-scale oceanography to coastal and shelf processes

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The ESA Sea Level CCI product is developed based on open ocean altimetry data, and constitutes high quality monthly sea level variability and trend analysis for the open ocean. However, it is commonly used in the coastal zone and e.g. provided by MyOcean (now Copernicus Marine Service) to the European Environmental Agency for use in their Global and European sea-level rise indicator for northern Europe (http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/indicators/sea-level-rise-2/assessment).

Here we assess the quality Sea Level CCI in the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea. We validate the sea level variability using a 2D sea level field based on statistical modelling of monthly tide gauge observations and model reanalysis as reference. The statistical model is based on least squares regression and uses monthly mean tide gauge observations retrieved from PSMSL and model reanalysis from the Copernicus Marine Service, taking land rise information into account.

The validation against this independent source of sea level information allows assessing the quality of the CCI product approaching the coast, and can therefore be used to determine how close to the coast the Sea Level CCI can be considered reliable.

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Grande Halle Thu, Nov 03 2016,11:00 Thu, Nov 03 2016,18:00
Kristine S. Madsen