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Refined altimetry products in support of scientific cruises

Marie Isabelle Pujol (CLS, France)


Yannice Faugère (CLS, France); Camilia Artana (LOCEAN, France); Ramiro Ferrari (CIMA, Argentina); Guillermina Paniagua (CIMA, Argentina); Martin Saraceno (CIMA, France); Christine Provost (LOCEAN, France); Emilie Bronner (CNES, France); Jean-Damien Desjonquères (CNES, France)

Event: 2016 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science II: From large-scale oceanography to coastal and shelf processes

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Provision of regionally refined altimetry derived products are very useful for oceanic scientific cruises in three different ways: during the preparation phase, with for instance the prevision of some altimeter tracks passage; during the cruise with the delivery of specific gridded products in near real time; and during the post cruise phase, with the delivery of regional altimeter products specifically constructed for the cruise measurement analysis. Additionally, the feedbacks from the scientists are very useful and contribute to still improve the products.
In the recent past years such service and products, mainly based on altimeter measurements, were delivered, with the support from CNES. It was the case for the KEOPS-2 (2011), SPURS (2012-2013), OUTPACE (2015) among others. We present here the service and regional products proposed as part of this activity and some specific results of the Malvinas Cassis cruise.


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Marie Isabelle Pujol