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Assessment of Orbit Quality through the SSH calculation Multimission approach and focus on recent missions: Jason-3, Sentinel-3

Annabelle Ollivier (CLS, France)


Marine Lievin (CLS, France); Mathias Raynal (CLS, France); Olivier Lauret (CLS, France); Alexandre Couhert (CNES, France); Nicolas Picot (CNES, France)

Event: 2016 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Precision Orbit Determination

Presentation type: Type Poster

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The quality of the orbit ephemerides is crucial for the computation of the Sea Surface Height (SSH). Conversely, analyzing the impact of precise orbit ephemerides on SSH performances enables to describe their impact at different temporal scales and to detect remaining weakness in the orbit solution with a very fine precision.
In 2016, two new altimetric missions were launched, Jason-3 on the same orbit than Jason-2 whose orbit’s performances are already well known and Sentinel-3, whose inclination is innovative in the nadir altimetry constellation.

This presentation aims at comparing the different orbit quality of the nadir constellation (Jason-2, Altika, Cryosat-2, Jason-3 and Sentinel-3…) in real and delayed time. It will focus on the potential geographically correlated errors and temporal stability.
The solutions from CNES POD center in version GDR-E will be used and will rely on homogeneous Sea Level Anomaly from L2P (enhanced GDR) products.
For this purpose, mono-mission and multi-missions diagnosis will be used to address climatic scales stability as well as regional and higher frequency signals.

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Grande Halle Thu, Nov 03 2016,11:00 Thu, Nov 03 2016,18:00
Annabelle Ollivier