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An Analysis of the Southern Ocean's barotropic response to the wind during the past 20 years: Contributions to Sea-Surface Height variations and to the variability of the ACC transport across the Kerguelen Plateau

Frederic Vivier (CNRS / LOCEAN-IPSL / Univ. P & M Curie, France)


Wilbert Weijer (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA); Young-Hyang Park (MNHN /LOCEAN-IPSL, France)

Event: 2016 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science II: From large-scale oceanography to coastal and shelf processes

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The barotropic response of the ocean is known to be a significant contribution to Sea Surface Height (SSH) variations at high latitudes. While we expect the barotropic signal to be larger at subseasonal timescales, it may not be negligible at longer timescales.
Here we examine the Southern Ocean’s barotropic response to the wind at timescales ranging from seasonal to interannual, using simulations from a finite-element barotropic model, assessed against altimeter and GRACE observations. Simulations are in particular used to analyze the variability of the branch of Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) that passes across the Kerguelen Plateau through the Fawn Trough, the transport of which was directly measured during 1 year, a series subsequently extended to 20 years thanks to the Topex/Jason altimeter archive.

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Richelieu Wed, Nov 02 2016,14:45 Wed, Nov 02 2016,15:00
Frederic Vivier
CNRS / LOCEAN-IPSL / Univ. P & M Curie