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Wave vertical orbital velocity effects on Doppler Altimeter waveform and SSH measurement

Eugenio Pugliese Carratelli (CUGRI, Italy)


Ferdinando Reale (CUGRI, Italy); Fabio Dentale (University of Salerno, Italy)

Event: 2016 SAR Altimetry Workshop

Session: Applications, SAR for science

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The resolution of Doppler altimeters is based on the Doppler shift caused by the movement of the antenna relative to the earth. Such an effect depends on the vertical component of the satellite velocity, which is very small near the zenith, i.e. a few metres per second at the border of the first Doppler beam for the Cryosat DDA.

(FIG 1)
Vertical components of the sea waves orbital velocity can easily reach such values and in principle they might interfere with the along-track positioning of the return beam. This interference (“Reale effect”) normally does not constitute a problem when the wavelength of sea waves is much smaller than resolution of the altimeter; however, swell over the ocean may reach wavelengths of the same order as the Doppler beam length (a few hundred meters).

The paper will present the results of simulations aimed at assessing the effect of R-effect on the waveform formation as well as on the SSH values, with special regard to long wave sea states (swell),

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Reale F., F. Dentale, E. Pugliese Carratelli On the effect of wave vertical orbital velocity on Doppler Radar Altimetry, 2016 EUMETSAT Conference 2016, Darmstadt, Germany,
Wave vertical orbital velocity effects on Doppler Altimeter waveform and SSH measurement

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Eugenio Pugliese Carratelli