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Absolute altimeter bias from the Australian in situ calibration sites in Bass Strait and Storm Bay

Christopher Watson (University of Tasmania, Australia)


Benoit Legresy (CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship, Australia); John Church (CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship, Australia); Jack Beardsley (University of Tasmania, Australia); Matt King (University of Tasmania, Australia); Alvaro Santamaría-Gómez (University of Tasmania, Australia)

Event: 2015 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Regional and Global CAL/VAL for Assembling a Climate Data Record

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The altimeter validation facilities in Bass Strait (40° 39’S, 145° 36’ E) have provided cycle-by-cycle estimates of altimeter absolute bias for the TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1 and OSTM/Jason-2 missions. A secondary in situ facility in Storm Bay is located ~330 km south-east on the same descending pass (pass 088) has assisted in understanding the evolution of absolute bias for the OSTM/Jason-2 mission.

Here we present updated results from both sites using our single-pass / multi-site approach. We discuss our preparations for the launch of Jason-3 as well as the ESA missions Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B missions – these include investigations using high resolution ocean modelling of Bass Strait in order to assess instrumentation needs and deployment sites.

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Grand Ballroom 1 Wed, Oct 21 2015,14:30 Wed, Oct 21 2015,14:45
Christopher Watson
University of Tasmania