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Atlantic Water transport and temperature anomalies through the Nordic Seas towards the Arctic Ocean

Leon Chafik (NOAA (Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry), United States)

Event: 2015 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science III: Large scale and global change ocean processes: the ocean's role in climate

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The climatic conditions over the Arctic Ocean are strongly influenced by the inflow of warm Atlantic water conveyed by the Norwegian Atlantic Current (NwAC). Based on sea surface height data from altimetry, we develop a dynamical measure of the NwAC transport to diagnose its spatiotemporal variability. We find that the Fram Strait Branch west of Spitsbergen is regulated by regional atmospheric conditions. In combination with hydrography, we find that warm anomalies propagate polewards after anomalously strong flow events in the southern Norwegian Sea and reach the Fram Strait after approximately 12 months. Our results are valuable for the predictability of the oceanic heat and salt transport that eventually enters into the Arctic.


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Grand Ballroom Foyer Thu, Oct 22 2015,11:00 Thu, Oct 22 2015,18:00
Leon Chafik
NOAA (Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry)
United States