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Outreaching a space technique through its climate applications: Jason-3

Vinca Rosmorduc (CLS, France)


Emilie Bronner (CNES, France); Danielle De Staerke (CNES, France)

Event: 2015 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Outreach, Education and Altimetric Data Services

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Climate, and Climate change, are among the main general public interests. Altimetry is one of the most important tools for monitoring ocean dynamics, and as such is a source of vital data for including in forecasting models of ocean-atmosphere coupled events such as El Niño, monsoons, the North Atlantic Oscillation or decadal oscillations. Seasonal climate forecasting is also showing interesting results. The oceans are in turn affected by climate variations, as the sea level rises and falls in response to their fluctuations.
Jason-3 (CNES/EUMETSAT/NASA/NOAA) will be launched soon, with one of its main goals continuing on the now 23-year continuous time series into a 30-year climate-relevant length.

On another plan, the United Nations Climate Change Conference 21st yearly session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) meeting will take place in Paris end of 2015 (30 November to 11 December 2015). Outreaching radar altimetry through its climate-related applications using both the conference and the launches (Jason-3 but also Sentinel-3) is thus an evidence. However, how, what and when?

We will detail the points we consider as focus for this outreach (e.g. sea level rise measurement, but also El Niño, monsoons, etc.), how to broach them in order to reach the general public interest, via web, journalists, teachers etc. In particular, the Argonautica educational project (https://enseignants-mediateurs.cnes.fr/fr/web/CNES-fr/7161-argonautica.php ) will focus in 2015-2016 on climate issue, in relation also with formal school curricula, other satellite data and animal tracking. Past experience will be detailed, from the Aviso+ altimetry data distribution center, current activities at Cnes but also future plans.

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Grand Ballroom 2 Tue, Oct 20 2015,17:15 Tue, Oct 20 2015,17:30
Vinca Rosmorduc