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A new ERS2 level 2 product at CTOH

Fernando NIÑO (LEGOS-IRD, France)


Fabien BLAREL (LEGOS-CNRS, France); Benoit LEGRESY (LEGOS-CNRS, France); Sara FLEURY (LEGOS-CNRS, France)

Event: 2014 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Others (poster only)

Presentation type: Type Poster

Contribution: PDF file


We reprocessed the ERS2 altimeter data from Waveform altimeter product
to level 2. This involves a large number of improvement and
corrections to make it compatible with the ENVISAT, validated and
described in the companion poster. Here we show the validation of the
whole dataset for ERS2 and compare it to the ENVISAT in terms of
performance and of geophysical signals. The resulting dataset with
maps of different parameters, their average and variations, is shown
over various surfaces, ocean, continents and ice. The resulting
product will be made available to the community.
Fernando NIÑO