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OSTST meeting, Puerto Rico, United States: November 7 – November 11 2023

The 2023 Ocean Surface Topography Meeting will occur 7-11 November 2023 and will include a variety of science and technical splinters. These will include a special splinter on the Sentinel-6 Validation Team (S6VT) (chaired by the Project Scientists), and a splinter on Coastal Altimetry. Sentinel-6A Michael Freilich being now the reference mission since April 2022, contributions that support this mission are highly encouraged. First results on SWOT (at least from nadir altimeter) are also very welcome.

The submission process was open from Monday 19, June 2023 until  Friday 15, September 2023 and now closed.

Please download the program (2023/11/03, final): OSTST-2023-program-1103-final.pdf

You can also consult the "program at a glance"

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Oral presenters - Please upload your presentation in the speaker ready room before the meeting starts every day and during breaks. Technicians will be available to assist. Powerpoint (saved as .ppt) files are preferred. PDFs will work.
  • Posters will be located in the lobby (Esperanza Beach Room) during the entire meeting. There will be dedicated poster sessions on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The posters format should be A0 (about 3 by 4 feet), preferably portrait.
  • Forum – All presentations will be available through a forum during the full week and until the next OSTST in 2024. See "Forum" section below.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are not planning to attend the OSTST meeting in person, we recall that you should have chosen "Forum only" for the Type Requested. If you made a mistake, please contact us as soon as possible. Concerning the format of your "Forum only" presentation, please read the information below in the "FORUMS" section (notably the FAQ)

All logistical information (registration, venue, information for presentations, ...) are provided in a dedicated web site: https://cpaess.ucar.edu/meetings/ostst-2023

Note:  In order to streamline this year’s meeting, the following splinters have been designated as Poster Only.  To ensure these splinters still have ample time for discussion, the posters will be up all week and we will have two dedicated poster sessions.  In addition, brief round table discussions opportunities will be scheduled in parallel with other sessions (please see the draft program on https://cpaess.ucar.edu/meetings/ostst-2023-program-outline):

  • Application development for Operations
  • The Geoid, Mean Sea Surfaces and Mean Dynamic Topography
  • Tides, internal tides and high-frequency processes

In addition, the “Quantifying Errors and Uncertainties in Altimetry data" splinter will not be convened this year. We encourage abstracts that would normally go into this splinter be directed toward the appropriate splinters (e.g. “Regional and Global CAL/VAL for Assembling a Climate Data Record ", "Instrument Processing", etc.).

The list and descriptions of the splinters is available here


The access to the forums is free of charge, you only have to create an account here (or use the one for abstract submission).

All the presentations will be available through a forum on https://ostst.aviso.altimetry.fr during the full week and until the next OSTST in 2024. This forum will allow people to chat with authors in delayed time. Please note that for people not planning to attend the meeting in person, their presentations will be available also through the same forum (see list of “forum only” contributions).

The forums' menu will appear after login. Please read the FAQ, a user handbook is also available.