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Updated mean gravity field model for Precise Orbit Determination: CNES_GRGS.RL05MF_combined_GRACE_SLR_DORIS

Jean-Michel Lemoine (CNES, France)


Stéphane Bourgogne (Stellar Space Studies, France); Hugues Capdeville (CLS, France); Franck Reinquin (CNRS, France)

Event: 2023 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Precision Orbit Determination

Presentation type: Type Forum only

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CNES/GRGS has recently produced an update of its mean gravity field model. The previous model, used in particular for GDR-F altimetry standards and for ITRF2020 data processing, included GRACE data until 2016. The updated mean model is based, for the GRACE/GRACE-FO period, on the current CNES/GRGS RL05 time series of monthly solutions between April 2002 and October 2022.
Apart from that, its main originality is to rely, for the 1993-2002 time period, on a "super-mascons" solution obtained from SLR and DORIS data. The way these "super mascons" were computed will be explained. For different large geographical areas, the time series of Equivalent Water Height obtained from SLR/DORIS data will be compared to those obtained from GRACE/GRACE-FO.

The performance of this new mean model in terms of POD will be presented and compared to what can be achieved by other available time variable gravity field models.

Jean-Michel Lemoine