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Improvements of Sentinel-6MF performances over ocean thanks to F08 LR numerical retracker

Emeline Cadier (CLS, France)


Bastien Courcol (CLS, France); François Bignalet-Cazalet (CNES, France); Claire Maraldi (CNES, France); Martin-Puig Cristina (Eumetsat, Germany); Scharroo Remko (Eumetsat, Germany)

Event: 2023 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Sentinel-6 Validation Team (S6VT) Meeting

Presentation type: Type Oral

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From 1992, TOPEX/Poseidon started the global sea level record on the reference orbit. It has been extended during three decades thanks to the Jason series. Launched in 2020, Sentinel-6/MF mission took over from Jason-3 as the new refence mission in April 2022. Thanks to a 16-month tandem phase with Jason-3, Sentinel-6/MF performances have been thoroughly analyzed, allowing a seamless transition between the two missions. This new addition allows to continue this unique high-precision and coverage of altimetry data in support to climate change monitoring, research, and forecasting, as well as operational oceanography applications.

Long-term monitoring of Sentinel-6/MF altimetric system is routinely performed at CLS, as part of CNES MPS (Mission Performance Service) project. The main objective of this activity is to provide an estimation of these missions’ performances for oceanic applications such as mesoscale or climate studies. As TOPEX/Jason/Sentinel-6 are the reference missions used in operational applications or for delayed time studies and especially for monitoring of the Global Mean Sea Level, we pay special attention to the long-term stability of their Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL).

In order to further improve Sentinel-6/MF performances, a numerical retracker has been added to LR product in the PDAP Processing Baseline F08. A full mission reprocessing allows to fully assess the improvement brought by the retracking, especially in terms of long-term stability and alignment with Jason-3.

In this presentation, the improvement brought by Sentinel-6/MF LR numerical retracker over ocean will be presented, along with the global performances of the Sentinel-6/MF LR and HR data.

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Grande Beach Room (#208) Thu, Nov 09 2023,14:55 Thu, Nov 09 2023,15:10
Emeline Cadier