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A very particular cyclonic eddy between Brazil and Malvinas Currents

Gaston Manta (Ecole normale supérieure (Paris), France)

Event: 2022 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Science III: Mesoscale and sub-mesoscale oceanography

Presentation type: Type Poster

The Brazil-Malvinas Confluence is the region where intense western boundary currents meet in the South Atlantic slope at about 38ºS, generating one of the most energetic regions of the global ocean. Often, a cyclonic eddy is located between these two currents over the slope. Usually shed by Malvinas Current where the slope widens at the Ewing terrace, this cyclonic eddy located between the 200 and 2000 m isobath at 37°S has important consequences for cross-shelf exchanges and therefore marine life. Here, we use the TOEddies algorithm (Laxenaire et al., 2018) derived from AVISO altimetry to characterize the eddy, and we compare altimetry observations with a sampled case from an oceanographic cruise campaign. We show that, although the eddy is well identified and correlated with observations when it is a coherent structure, it is not so well resolved at the end of its life when it merges with Malvinas Current. We attribute this to the limitation of the spatio-temporal resolution of the altimetry product. Probably, an increase in the resolution will contribute to a better understanding of the cross-shelf exchanges in the region.

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Mezzanine Tue, Nov 01 2022,17:15 Tue, Nov 01 2022,18:15
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Gaston Manta
Ecole normale supérieure (Paris)