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Challenges for CalVal activities of Copernicus missions: an overview by CCVS project for altimetry

Sylvie Labroue (CLS, France)


Céine Tison (CNES, France); Franceso Nencioli (CLS, France); Matthias Raynal (CNES, France); Jérémie Aublanc (CLS, France); Nicolas Taburet (CLS, France); Adrien Guérou (CLS, France); Marie Laure Denneulin (CLS, France); Thierry Guinle (CNES, France); François Bignalet Cazalet (CNES, France); Sébastien Clerc (ACRI-ST, France)

Event: 2022 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting

Session: Regional and Global CAL/VAL for Assembling a Climate Data Record

Presentation type: Type Poster

The objective of the H2020 project “Copernicus Cal/Val Solution (CCVS)” (https://ccvs.eu/) is to define a holistic Cal/Val strategy for all ongoing and upcoming Copernicus Sentinel missions. The 2 years CCVS project aims at proposing long-term solutions to address currently existing constraints in the Cal/Val domain and exploit existing synergies between the missions and situ data.
The CCVS innovation comes from that four different domains are being addressed within the same project: the optical imagery, the SAR imagery, the atmospheric sounding and the altimetry, with different skills gathered in each field. For each domain, an exhaustive review of existing mission requirements and CalVal means in place have been carried out: on board calibration approach, inter-satellite approach, vicarious method, use of models, in-situ measurements, campaigns, and distribution portals. The second phase of the project is addressing the identification of potential gaps and will propose recommendations and solutions whenever possible to fill these gaps and finally improve the overall CalVal process.
We will present an overview of the main project achievements for the altimetry domain, addressing the different surfaces (ocean, inland waters and cryosphere) and associated variables for Sentinel-3, Sentinel-6 and upcoming CRISTAL missions. We will focus on the main outcomes of the mission requirements analysis, on the exchanges with the Copernicus services and on the gaps and recommendations identified in the CalVal methods. The ongoing work on the usage of ground-based measurements to support CalVal activities is specifically addressed in a separate dedicated abstract on CCVS project presented by C. Tison.


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Sylvie Labroue