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Using cfosat measurements to improve the ocean current.

Marie Jenn Alet (CLS, France)


Cecile Kocha (CLS, France); Annabelle Ollivier (CLS, France); Yannice Faugere (CLS, France); Gerald Dibarboure (CNES, France)

Event: 2023 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting


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Although CFOsat is dedicated to wind and wave characterization the Ku altimeter on board can provide Sea level measurements relevant to enrich the Sea Level Anomaly and Ocean Current.

Following a first demonstration last year (Faugere et al, 2022), a reprocessing over 2019-2023 has been performed using the latest version of CFOsat processing. Calibrated Sea Level is estimated to produce Across track geostrophic current and used in the MIOST (Multiscale Inversion of Ocean Surface Topography) mapping procedure to produce multi-mission maps using up to 8 missions (Sentinel-6, Jason-3, Sentinel-3 a & b, Altika, Cryosat, HY2B, CFOsat).

These datasets provide an unprecedented capacity to collocate wave spectra derived from the swim instrument with optimized estimation of ocean currents. Additionally, the temporal coverage includes spring 2023 corresponding to the phase of SWOT mission.

This updated version of Level 3 and Level 4 demonstration product will be available on Aviso.


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Esperanza Beach Room (Lobby) Wed, Nov 08 2023,16:15 Wed, Nov 08 2023,18:00
Esperanza Beach Room (Lobby) Thu, Nov 09 2023,14:00 Thu, Nov 09 2023,15:45
Marie Jenn Alet